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The Lamb and the Lion Pt.3 –The King Rules

Forever, it seems, one of the problems in the life of humanity has been inequality. There has always been this caste system in the world that places people on different rungs of a ladder. I am not talking so much about things that must be, such as business leadership, God –ordained institutions, or governments as much as I am talking about culture. Maybe it could be defined as the “Racism of Standing”; that pervasive attitude of “betterness” or “superiority” that is condescending toward humanity and treats others as less than human.  It is true that racism is part of the issue but not the whole.  Inequality is not divine but rather is the lowest form of civility. It seeks to elevate some at the expense of destroying others. It stands in stark contrast to the divine concept of all being equal in God’s eyes. Objectors may say that it not so; for God chose Israel and elevated them over all other nations. A careful study of the Scripture reveals the following: Do not think in your

Ten Tasks of the Church: Task Two-Fellowship

κοινωνία, koinōnia The word literally means communion. That is, to share common interests and new things with one another. A popular illustration of fellowship is the barbeque grill. When the briquettes are stacked near to each other—touching one another—the fire is built and the coals feed off of one another. But the moment one of the coals rolls off to the side is the very moment that it begins to cool down and eventually go out.  It is not that it has lost the nature of being a coal, but that it needs to be recovered and reunited to regain its flame (light). Fellowship can never be stressed enough and collectively, it can be manifested in many ways; for instance, meals, one-on-one meetings, bible studies, games, activities, and sharing our lives with each other just to name a few. In the days of the Lord’s ministry on earth we find that He modeled biblical fellowship on a daily basis. He would pray in the morning, meet with others from city to city, preach wherever the oppor