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My Book has been Published!! Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!

Finally!! It has been a long process but I am finally published.  I am very excited and I wanted to take this time to let you know that I would be honored for you to read the book.  If you are a new believer, one that struggles with understanding how the OT ties in with the NT, or just want a much, much deeper understanding of the scripture- this is the book to purchase.  You will be enlightened beyond measure and your walk with God will gain a new focus like you have never had before!!! Really-the truths contained in the book are so awesome!! Here is a sample of the Table of Contents: 1. God’s Word, His Light, His Thread                Why the Word of God is Important to Your Spiritual Health 2. The Early Days of Earth                From Innocence to the Fall 3. The First Redemption                Mercy Enacted - Mercy Remembered 4. Sanctification, Rebellion, and the Flood        The Judgment and Mercy of God 5. The Line of Inheritance…Sanctified                The Threa

We can be a "People of Faith" in 2011

Why not start the new year that God has granted by seeking to live by faith rather than live by resolution? Resolutions are made to be broken because generally speaking, we are weak. But faith works in weakness. It overcomes weakness because it denies the self the gratitude of accomplishment. Remember the words of Paul when he decried, "...For when I am weak, then I am strong"? (2 Cor. 12:10b) He was happy to be so because his weakness empowered the Lord to be His strength. It is a simple principle of life yet often, one very hard to learn - nonetheless, one in which we would do well to practice. When we are weak we parlay strength to another. This can be seen on many fronts but where I see it most effectively is in faith paired with humility. Ah, humility, one of humanities hardest quests - it always strides down the avenue of loneliness. You see, our flesh craves attention and gratification; it desires, really craves, to be fed. But faith greets the cravings of the flesh