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The Sifted Generation: Tested, Tried and Found True

  Sifted This book is available on Amazon , Barnes & Noble ,  Thomas Nelson - WestBow Press , and your favorite online bookstore.   The Sifted Generation Here is the Preface to my new book, soon to be released. My prayer is that we open our eyes to the soon coming of Christ. In the book, the Sifting I refer too is not just the identification of believer s but also the identification of those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. While Christian believers are being prepared to be caught up into the clouds with Jesus, I Thess. 4:13-18, the unbelieving are being prepared for something else. This book will open your eyes to several events about to take place which will have major a major affect over the entire world. Be prepared and make sure when the final sifting occurs you are found in the company of Christ! Preface: The phrase “to sift,” literally means to separate. In the Bible it is used as an agrarian term representing the sifting of chaff from