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The God Who Never Passes By

Most people who know me have heard my testimony concerning the life changing work of the Lord Jesus, so I am wont to retell it. But I will say this, after I became a New Christian, I read the Bible through 3-4 times in around 90 days. And then after that, the New Testament several times over. Those who knew me best saw it as a phase--as something that was fleeting. But here I am, forty years later, still proclaiming that which had been proclaimed to me.  What is it that could effect such change in a person's life? How can a person go from a scoffer of Jesus one moment, to a lover of Jesus the next? Some will say it is psychological--a release of past guilt that makes a person feel better. If that were the case, then why was I able to continue in the faith? Those who do not know Jesus will never understand until they come to know Him for themselves.  In the biblical record there is a heap evidence that this type of lasting change is what actually occurs. When Jesus spoke to the woma