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God’s Wrath, the Lamb Slain, and the Tribulation Period

At What time in the future will God unleash His eschatological wrath? This has been a question of considerable debate in the past few years and deserves a Biblical answer. God’s Wrath, the Lamb Slain, and the Tribulation Period A major point that pre-tribulation adherents must come to grips with is how to answer mid-tribulationists, pre-wrathers, and post-tribulationists concerning the fact that the church will be kept from the hour of trial and the wrath of God poured out during the coming tribulation period. For pre tribulationists this is our defining moment – our blessed hope. The issue surfaces when those of other camps who are purists to their eschatological persuasion agree in principal that all Christians will be protected from God's wrath. The difference is, they (mainly pre-wrathers and post-tribulationists) for the most part and among other reasons, teach that God has placed the seal of the Spirit upon all believers as a protection from God's wrath du