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The Day Evil Dies

Just recently I was thinking about this issue of evil as opposed to the condition of things on the earth before sin entered the world, i.e., the Garden of Eden from Genesis 1-3. The picture the Bible reveals is idyllic and absent from evil. It tells us that in the beginning God had created the world to be a place of unending peace--a utopia for His creation. Then sin entered the picture.

Col 1:17 states: "And He [Jesus] is before all things, and in Him all things consist" In the original Greek, the word "consist," συνίστημι (sunistēmi) is a compound word with συν (son)and ιστημι (a "μι" verb), making one word from the two. When separated they mean "to gather or assemble," and "to stand," respectively. Compounded, they mean, "to come to be in a condition of coherence, continue, endure, exist, [and] hold together," (BDAG). The passage teaches that in Christ all things stand and are held fast together. This includes His …
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The Earth will One Day - Languish Under Judgment

In my last post I introduced the biblical term, languish. In a nutshell, it means to "pine away," "waste away," or "wither away." It can be used in any context of the English language to mean anything that grows weak from lack of attention to keep a thing thriving. When something is in a state of languishing the only way it can come out of it is to be replenished or brought back to health.
The Bible uses the term in much the same way as our English use. But an interesting context is introduced when it one day will apply to the planet earth and her inhabitants.
For example the OT prophet Isaiah speaks of a coming time that will bring horrendous devastation upon all the earth. This will cause the earth to languish. Most scholars equate this time as the seven-year period of tribulation that will only come to an end at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, Rev. 19:7-11, Zech. 14:1-5, (see also Daniels 70th week, Dan 9:24-27). Jesus spoke of this day in Matthew…

Recapturing Time for God's Work

I am back! Yes, after two years of extensive travel I am finally able to free up the time in becoming more regular in sharing my time and thoughts. What I have learned is that God in His greatness works in and through all those who will release the reigns of their lives to Him. During the weekly 12 hour commutes (round trips) to both Nashville, TN and West Des Moines, IA, I have been able to share my faith with many and across cultures. I have seen the Lord bring salvation to the lives of one family, expanded hope in many others, and the planting of the seeds of the gospel in others.

Phil 2:13  "for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure."

Times and Seasons
Since all believers have times and seasons, the question to ask is, how are we doing at being good stewards of that time with reference to the Lord's work? There is a term in the used in the Bible that I would be willing to say characterizes our use of time more than it should. It is the …

Thinking You're Beyond God's Ability to Save?

Most Christians are fully aware of the record of Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well in Sychar, recorded in John's gospel, chapter 4. As I was reading this again, only God knows how many times, it occurred to me that Jesus' words to her are some of the most gracious in the Gospels. You will remember that He went to Sychar, Samaria intentionally, vs. 4 says He "needed" to go there. While there, Jesus went and sat by the well. Soon a woman from the city came to draw water. Jesus gracefully interacted with her to the point that He revealed to her things that nobody would have known unless they knew here well, such as a family member or close friend. As the story goes, she realized He must be the Messiah and she went to the city, told the news, and they all came out to see Him, then asked Him to stay in their city for a couple of days, which He did.

A simple lesson:
There were many years of animosity between the Jews and Samaritans. But God is not…

When Jesus Became Like Us

First I would like to say Merry Christmas to all! Christmas is the annual celebration Christians all over the world recognize as the time when God stepped into the world of humanity to be like us. Yes, the celebration of the First Advent of Christ, Christmas, or the Nativity of Jesus is here. For believers everywhere, it is a time to recognize that God saw a forlorn world in need and knew the only way He could relate to them on their terms, and prophetically on His, was, for a season, to become like them.

The question arises, was and is the world really in need? Yes, according to God it was and it is. But in Christ that need has been met. In what way are we in need? And in what way did the Lord God meet that need? This simple article will seek to answer those two questions with the hope that it will be understood by all who read.

First, in order to be in need there has to be something that is needful either for this life or the one to come. Second, having established a need, the Lord…