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Global Pandemic 2020: Hope in Christ in a World at War

Who would have thought that the next Global war would not be fought with guns, tanks, and artillery? But here we are several months into the worst crisis our world has faced in my lifetime. Only this time the battle accoutrements are not swords but syringes, not gas masks but ventilators, not helmets but face masks, not iron shields but plexiglass barriers, not camo uniforms but scrubs and hazmat suits. The warriors are fearless heroes and soldiers on the front lines, yes, but they are doctors, nurses, CNA’s, EMT’s, RT’s, and the men in blue and red; all doing their best as they battle this pestilence while saving as many lives as they can. The battle rages, hundreds of thousands are casualties, and thousands more have fallen to the unseen enemy, Covid-19. May God’s protection keep them in this hour of trial.
This war is a different kind of war than those in our recent memories. It is not a war being fought in another land far away, where the deployed soldier can say my wife and childr…
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Global Panic, the Rapture of the Church, and the Coming Antichrist...Some Thoughts.

Up front I want to say that I do not believe that we can know the exact day or hour when the Lord will call (rapture) His church to heaven (but we can know the season in which it will occur, (1 Th 5:1-10), and it is soon. Please be aware the things written in this post have to do with the panic and upheaval of current life in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic spreading across the world. Adding to that, we must also realize that the worst of this pandemic may soon pass allowing life to return to a semblance of normal...maybe.

Now, concerning the coming Antichrist, it must be said that future and specific prophetic events in the Bible do point to a time when the world will one day turn their attention and allegiances toward a global leader. In order for that to happen, "something" or "some things" must occur that place the world under or within a dire situation that calls for a leader to rise with answers. The Bible refers so him in metaphorical terms as the First Bea…

The Day Evil Dies

Just recently I was thinking about this issue of evil as opposed to the condition of things on the earth before sin entered the world, i.e., the Garden of Eden from Genesis 1-3. The picture the Bible reveals is idyllic and absent from evil. It tells us that in the beginning God had created the world to be a place of unending peace--a utopia for His creation. Then sin entered the picture.

Col 1:17 states: "And He [Jesus] is before all things, and in Him all things consist" In the original Greek, the word "consist," συνίστημι (sunistēmi) is a compound word with συν (son)and ιστημι (a "μι" verb), making one word from the two. When separated they mean "to gather or assemble," and "to stand," respectively. Compounded, they mean, "to come to be in a condition of coherence, continue, endure, exist, [and] hold together," (BDAG). The passage teaches that in Christ all things stand and are held fast together. This includes His …