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Becoming Christlike Through Waiting

  “Let none that wait on Thee be ashamed.” ( Psalm 25:3 )  Humans are an anxious people by nature and when we become Christians not all things immediately drop away. We always carry over from the old life some of the habits we had formed. These are the things God strips away through the Sanctification* process that is at work in all believers. In the old life we learned that if you wanted anything you worked hard and went after it. But in the “New Creation” life things are quite different ( 2 Cor. 5:17 ). When it comes to Spiritual matters, we are not the captains of our destinies. The things we often need, in our own power, are often out of reach, so God bids us to seek Him. That’s not a problem except when we find ourselves needing to wait. That’s when our impatience kicks in and we can get frustrated. But the Scripture is quite clear concerning the walk of the faithful, we are not our own work, we are His (Christ’s) Heb. 13:20-21 ; Phil. 1:6 . So when we seek a

Come Holy Spirit: True Life is Found Only in Christ!

The Scripture clearly teaches that true Christian believers are defined by a willingness on their part to submit to the Words of Christ and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Many are still to this day unaware of the work of the Holy Spirit in the transformation and regeneration process of believers. In the first century, even the disciples of the Lord did not understand the plans that God had in store for His church. They seemed to be Restoration minded 1 and not so much Resurrection minded. But shortly after He had again spoken to them of His coming departure from earth, and just when the time was right, Jesus revealed those plans to the disciples. The news that He would be leaving them after three years of close fellowship saddened them greatly. So, as a word of encouragement, He seizes the moment to reveal the next step of His plan for the life of all believers. He explains that it is very advantageous that He arise and go to the Father (John 17:5) because of the gift He was goi