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Putting Off the Inevitible - The God Choice

Everyday we are faced with a plethora of choices. What will I wear? Where will I eat? What will I do today? Should I cut grass or clean the garage? The list is endless. So many choices--So little time. Decision making can be stressful; it's one reason we put so many decisions off for another day. The high priority choices, those that have a direct affect on us, our family, our job, or our lifestyle we seek to make asap. But others not so quickly. If you're like me, you can put off a decision till the day of decision has passed and now I must face the penalty.That just happened with my driver's license renewal--three weeks late!! Ugh!! But fortunately the most important decision I have ever had to make was done over 30 years ago when I made the decision to commit my life into the hands of God. Jesus is my Savior and Lord, the ever present guide for my life. It's what I call the "God Choice." Why do so many put the "God Choice" off so long? In

Rejecting the Holy Spirit's Witness

I have taught concerning the "Unpardonable Sin" Jesus spoke of on numerous occasions. Sadly, many Christians today still live in fear that they have committed it. This type of understanding gives them impetus to walk away from the church and service to God. Below I have written to demonstrate what this sin really is and to give an understanding that only those who reject Jesus' claims of Messiahship and the witness of the Holy Spirit, the One who illuminates the sin within us, can commit this end-all-beat-all of sins. To give a better understanding I would like to use the coming Tribulation period as a foundation. The Coming Day of Tribulation The Bible predicts a coming day of tribulation that Jesus describes as the most horrible time on earth. So horrible is this period of time, that unless He returns to end it all flesh will destroy themselves (Mt. 24:22). But thankfully, for those left living, He does come back to end the destruction. Concerning this time,

Starting Over? Or Just Finishing?

With the signs of the times pointing toward the end of the age as the prophesied in the eschatological scenarios of the prophets and the Lord Himself, you would think the church age as we know it was finishing its course. But the de-evangelising of society tells a different story. In the first few centuries of the church persecution was common as it spread outward from Jerusalem. But it eventually the persecution subsided thanks in part to the "Edict of Milan 313 A.D." This edict supplied a ruling that Christians were to be released from imprisonment, goods were to be returned, and persecution was to cease. Soon Christianity became widespread. Today Christianity in the Western nations has had its day it seems; or at least that is how it looks. Instead of spreading out in the west it is thinning out. According to Ed Stetzer, 3500-4000 churches are closing their doors annually.** Facts are facts. When I go out into my neighborhood to share Christ I am amazed how many house