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  The Red Heifer and the Third Jewish Temple A few months back I had been listening to the news and heard on one broadcast commemorating the 100th day of the vicious and unwarranted brutal attack on Jewish families in Israel, Oct. 7th, that a Muslim speaker had at least in part, attributed the attack to Israel bringing in Red Heifers for a future purification sacrifice that would preceed the building of their third temple. To many, this just flew over their heads, but to those who are Christian "Watchers on the Wall" our ears perked up.  A couple years back, a rancher in Texas had sent five Red Heifer cattle to Israel after they were inspected by a team of Jewish rabbi's. These Red Heifer cattle had to be spotless and without any blemish to be considered for the Numbers 19 sacrifice, a sacrifice that religious Jews have been waiting for since the destruction of their 2nd temple in AD 70 at the hands of the Romans. This wait has been 1,954 years long. Imagine that.  Major