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Lighthouse or Foghorn? The Christian Relies on Both!

Lighthouse and Foghorn - Dreamstime   Your word is a lamp to my feet     And a light to my path. Psa. 119:105. Fog horn or lighthouse, which is best? Both are used to warn of craggy rocks, beaches, and coral reefs, all dangerous areas for the mariner. These two warning systems have been used for ages and despite GPS, are still used today. In her article, Who Blows A Lighthouse's Foghorn? Melissa Kline informs us that it is, for the most part, automated. She writes: "It (a Fog Detector) uses a projector to shine light across a given optical path, then measures and interprets the backscattered light. When the detector senses a drop in visibility, the unit sends a signal to the lighthouse’s electronic equipment, which then signals the foghorn to blow." 1 She continues the article telling us how even this technology is aging (misfiring) and being replaced with " a Mariner Radio Activated Signal System, which allows boaters to activate foghorns