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The Two Paths of Eden

On Monday, September 16th all of us were again shocked as another act of evil was perpetrated at the Navy Yard in Washington. Another senseless act--another layer of hardness to many who have become desensitized to the evil around us. My heart goes out to the lives of the families who were affected by this senseless tragedy. Confusion, loneliness, heartaches that do not seem to ever go away, loss of companionship and oneness with a spouse, and even children crying themselves to sleep each night are just some of the by-products of evil. They are the unnecessary results of aimless living. Psychologists will give you a plethora of reasons why something can snap in the brain causing a person to go off into a delirium of evil rampage and many of those reasons are commendable. But if Jehovah is the Lord of the universe and the creator of all things, then surely we would expect that He has an answer as well. And if we take the time to look we will not be left wanting; He calls it Sin. But

Jesus, the Veil to the Most Holy Place

One of the things that excites me about Christianity is the Revelation of the Mystery of the Church. Hidden in times past from the eyes of the Jewish nation, but in plain sight of the Father and spoken of through the mouths of the prophets, was the plan of the Father for the institution of the Church through the veil of the flesh of Jesus our Lord. I am so thrilled to know that even though I am not Jewish, God still cared for me. I am not alone. This same excitement can hardly be contained in the life of the Apostle Paul as he approached the Ephesian church with this very self-same fact. In Ephesians 3 Paul reveals the cause of his excitement as it also pertained to the fulfillment of the calling Jesus spoke of concerning him in Acts 9. In Acts 9 Saul (later known as Paul) was on his way to Damascus, Syria to find and put into chains those who were preaching the gospel of Jesus, an action he was fully prepared to contain. When news of his coming came to the ears of a Christian man