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When Jesus Returns...

There are a lot of God's soldiers writing about how "good is evil" and "evil is good" and the failures of the humanistic approach to solving all the worlds ills, but honestly speaking, it is my observation that there are more and more of the general populace including Christians putting their heads in the sand. When you look at your neighborhood you see people cutting the grass, driving to work in the rush hour, frequenting the diners and restaurants, bars are filled, mall parking lots are filled, parents are shuttling their kids to school, school yards are full of laughing and running children, and super markets are crowded, birds are tweeting, butterflies are flapping, and bees are buzzing--all is well in peaceful and secure America. It just looks like life is normal and so many would prefer to just rest at ease there and not be reminded of all the works of darkness all around us. For instance, using the list above, how many realize that i

Memories Pizza Sets Example!

I do not personally know the proprietors of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, but I do know that was meant for bad, surrounding RFRA of Indiana, has now been turned into good. And what Memories Pizza is now doing serves as an awesome example to all of us. I think I can speak for all believers when I say that in a day when Christian persecution is on the rise it is refreshing to hear something good! According to a report from the FRC (Family Research Council), because of the generosity of people across America when Memories Pizza was under attack by the political left and the LGBTQ+ crowds and supporters, they were given cash donations totaling $842,000.00!!! 1 May God bless all who gave! But that's not the End of the Story Because they were so blessed they are going to answer another prayer request by giving a portion of their donations to another Christian in the news who has been mercilessly persecuted, Barronelle Stutzman . FRC writes: " Faced with losing her

Christian Students Murdered for Jesus

Tears for the Christan Martyr's   Almost daily the reports keep coming in from around the world concerning Christian persecution. The latest: Kenya. It is reported that nearly 150 Christian students were shot in the head for proclaiming themselves to be Christians. 1 Some reports are saying they were "Sifted" out by being asked to recite the Islamic creed. 2   ( click to tweet ) Of course female Christians were easy to identify because they did not cover their heads. Other reports state that many Christians were asked to call their parents before they were shot. 3   ( click to tweet )This tragedy aligns up with all the others that have intensified over the last few years in the Middle east, Africa, Asia, and European nations. According to a report released in March by Gordon-Conwell Seminary, one in four of the world’s Christians live in countries hostile to their faith. At any given moment, 100 to 200 million Christians around the world are being persecute

It's Resurrection Week!!

As shouts of Hosanna ring out across the land I wanted to shout mine out too! This week is by far the most important week in the life of Christ. Oh how He loves you and I!!  This week maginifies one very unique thing about Jesus and that is He not only loves those who believe in Him but He loves all sinners and bids us all to come before Him to receive sweet release. John was right on when he shared that, "We love Him because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Can it get any better than that? Hope is written all over that passage and Jesus is the one who brought it. It was this week nearly two-thousand years ago, on a long afternoon, that a weeping widow had to watch her Son die a very cruel death; simultaneously the heavenly Father turned His face from the sin and torture that Jesus was going through. The consolation of obedience was the victory His death would bring over sins penalty of death and hell. But the Bible doesn't leave Jesus on the cross or in the gr