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Was Jesus a Hater?

"Jesus really teaches you to hate people." I once saw this quoted online and I had to shake my head because of the ignorance, not in a condescending manner but in a mode of sadness. Like all quotes that similarly lambast Jesus and Christians, most of them are off the cuff and stated without real spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the Scripture. I can say this in sincerity because of the transformation that occurred in my own life, and because of the Scriptural precedent for it. I was as lost as lost can be and even running in a crowd that often blasphemed the Lord and ridiculed believers. But then one fateful day I needed help with life and I turned to Christ in prayer. Yes, I turned from my peers and to the One my peers mocked so viciously. He heard my cry and immediately took me from a pit of despair and set me on a mountaintop. Yes, this did happen and it happened dramatically. What occurred is what Jesus referred to as being "Born Again" of the Spirit (John

Worship - Sidetracked and Hijacked

And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence, Colossians 1:18 (NKJV) There was only one perfect person that ever walked this earth and He was put to death on a cross two-thousand years ago. We certainly are not. But as I was reading the news and watching all of the protests concerning the Martin/Zimmerman verdict I was appalled to hear so many churches that took to the pulpit to use it as a soapbox to proclaim their rage either against or for the verdict in the public trial of George Zimmerman. Again we are not perfect like Christ, but we are to strive toward it, Col. 3:14; Phil. 3:12. First off I want to say I understand frustration when things do not go your way; but I also understand that the Lord's day is a day of worship, praise, and adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ. The sin of this past Sunday was in allowing emotions to override our worship of God. Christ did not ha

Hated: On the Job - Christ in You

Hatred and animosity in the workplace toward Christians has been on the increase for several decades now. I have been at my current place of business now for nearly three years and in that time I have met most of the employees and even taught company training classes to all in the IT environment. Although I cannot say I have experienced any rash treatment because of my faith as of yet, what I have noticed is I am avoided. I'm not a "fly on the wall" in the rooms of gossip but I know for sure I have been a topic of conversation. This post is to encourage you to run the Race of Faith with endurance! Your faith is always evident in your speech A few months back I was asked to bring a class for the entire company. For greater impact I decided to ask a former instructor to come down from Chicago. When the day arrived I stood up and without hesitation introduced him to the entire IT department as Brother Jim!! Wow! I couldn't believe it. The audience was kind of shel