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Christmas, Just Believe

Year after year Christmas comes and goes and year after year the Lord has been gracious to all who have been able to see how the birth of the Christ child has changed the world. It is true that no other life on earth has ever impacted the world as much as that of Jesus. Even though there are those in the secular community that refuse to acknowledge it, early church leaders used the birth of Jesus to split time vis-à-vis AD and BC--a recognition that is still used widely today. But Jesus was much more than just the splitting of time. Jesus' impact has been the reason why so much good has gone on in the world. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Universities, Orphanages, Shelters, and Hospitals can all find there roots in Christian outreach and goodwill. But even those wonderful things do not fully explain what Christmas is all about.

The birth of Christ was God descending from the throne of heaven to take the form of humanity in order that He might become like us--even for just a m…