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About "Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!"

WestBow Press
There are few things excite me more than knowing that we serve a God who is ever working to make sure that His will in our lives is being perfectly worked out! The Bible clearly reminds us:

And I am sure of this: that the One who began a good work among you will keep it growing until it is completed on the Day of the Messiah Yeshua.  (Phil. 1:6) CJB

The Old Testament lays the foundation that shows just how mindful God was of His work. Sin against God had corrupted mankind and had literally built a wall of enmity between us and Him. Mankind, once perfected at creation, was now tainted. But God would not let that hinder His work. So He put into motion a way for the wall of separation to be tore down. He did that through protecting the bloodline of special Godly people that extended from Adam, through Noah and onto Abraham and the Son of Promise Isaac, until it ended at the birth of Jesus. If I may, let me ask, "Have you ever taken the time to really study how God was constantly at work to protect that bloodline from spiritual interference so you and I could enjoy the reality of obtaining eternal salvation through Christ?"

This constant working of God reveals to us the vigilant eye  He places on every detail of every event that could sidetrack His purposes. Why is this important? Simply because He has never changes. His ever vigilant eye is also on you as He works to construct all events that affect your life in order to move you toward a sure way of Christ-likeness in order that the transformation He works in you can be accomplished. This book expounds on this miraculous work of God He clearly revealed in the timeless pages of the Biblea work that was so important that it would play out perfectly in assuring the miraculous birth, death and resurrection of Yeshua, the Messiah.

Have you ever wondered why God took the skin of an animal to provide clothing for our first parents? Does it affect you today?

Is there evidence of preflood cities? Is a deeper understanding available concerning why God destroyed the world with a flood?
Why is there so many religions? Which one is correct?

What about Babel? Why did God confuse their languages and scatter the people across the globe?

Who was Nimrod? Why did he gain a large following? What was his goal?
Ever wondered why the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt for so long? Why didn't God deliver them earlier? Why did 430 years have to pass? Didn't He love His chosen?

What about Joshua and the conquest of Canaan? Why did God tell him to destroy all who were in the Land of Promise? What happened when the disobeyed?
How about Jeconiah, the last King of Israel? Didn't God tell him that none of his sons would ever rule on the throne of David. If Jesus was of his kingly lineage then how could Jesus be the rightful Messianic King over the Throne of David? Did God lie to Jeconiah?

Why did the gospel writers tell us Jesus would be born of a Virgin? Is it important we understand this?

Will Jesus one day return to set up His Messianic kingdom? Yes, definitely, and all believers will be part of it.

This book gives you an insight into how God was sovereignly working to keep the lineage that would produce the Messiah pure so that Salvation and Eternal Bliss known only in Christ, could be available to all who would believe and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Available at Westbow Press, Lifeway Christian Stores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian and 100's of other book outlets!

Those Who Are Wise Will Shine! Understanding the Work of God in Your Redemption!

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Table of Contents

1. God’s Word, His Light, His Thread
   Why the Word of God is Important to Your Spiritual Heath

2. The Early Days of Earth
    From Innocence to the Fall

3. The First Redemption
    Mercy Enacted-Mercy Remembered

4. Sanctification, Rebellion, and the Flood
    The Judgment and Mercy of God

5. The Line of Inheritance…Sanctified
    The Thread of Redemption

6. A Pure Language for a Pure Nation
    God’s Purpose Defined

7. Battling the Culture of Myth
    Post-Flood Background Exposed

8. The Tower of Babel
    God Makes His Choice and Manifests His Grace

9. The People Choose a Leader
    The Rise of Nimrod

10. Abram and Some Awesome Promises
      Future Hope Revealed and Sealed

11. Why God Chose Jacob
      Hope, Desire, and Determination

12. The Inheritance of Jacob
      God’s Love Expands

13. A Nation and a Company of Nations
      God’s Awesome Direction Unfolds

14. God’s Promises and the Messianic Dilemma
      The Conditional and Unconditional Kings

15. Redemption at Work in the Royal Seed
      The Lord Keeps His Promise

16. The King is Coming
      Amazing Days Ahead—Our Redemptive Future Revealed

Appendix A - Structuring the Nations (Concise Atlas of the physical locations, country names and places of the 70 heads of families from Genesis 10-Excellent resource for studying prophecy!) Genesis 10 - table of Nations

Endnotes and Sources Cited
Select Bibliography


sahcls said…
hi, Michael. Well the Lord gave me long, uninterrupted time to read your book _straight through!!!! It is great. I commend you on the incredible amount of research you put into this work. Thank you.

years ago I purchased ,The Genesis Record, but have concluded that I did not have enough Biblical study to tackle it back then. You may have inspired me to try again.
I am so glad you liked it!! Make sure you keep it handy for research as you continue to study Gods Awesome word!! The Appendix will come in handy time and again. My hearts desire is for Christians to step out and try to understand the Scripture. If you take a look at Peter's sermon in Acts 2 and Stephen's in Acts 6 you will see that the approach they took in reaching the lost and in being devoted, even unto death, was to expound who Christ is from the O.T. Again, I am so glad you were blessed. Please share the information with as many believers as you can. Time is getting short!

God Bless!!

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