Friday, January 14, 2011

My Book has been Published!! Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!

Finally!! It has been a long process but I am finally published.  I am very excited and I wanted to take this time to let you know that I would be honored for you to read the book.  If you are a new believer, one that struggles with understanding how the OT ties in with the NT, or just want a much, much deeper understanding of the scripture- this is the book to purchase.  You will be enlightened beyond measure and your walk with God will gain a new focus like you have never had before!!! Really-the truths contained in the book are so awesome!!

Here is a sample of the Table of Contents:

1. God’s Word, His Light, His Thread       
       Why the Word of God is Important to Your Spiritual Health
2. The Early Days of Earth       
       From Innocence to the Fall
3. The First Redemption       
       Mercy Enacted - Mercy Remembered
4. Sanctification, Rebellion, and the Flood
       The Judgment and Mercy of God
5. The Line of Inheritance…Sanctified       
       The Thread of Redemption
6. A Pure Language for a Pure Nation       
       God’s Purpose Defined
7. Battling the Culture of Myth       
       Post-Flood Background Exposed
8. The Tower of Babel       
       God Makes His Choice and Manifests His Grace
9. The People Choose a Leader       
       The Rise of Nimrod
10. Abram and Some Awesome Promises       
       Future Hope Revealed and Sealed
11. Why God Chose Jacob       
       Hope, Desire, and Determination
12. The Inheritance of Jacob       
       God’s Love Expands
13. A Nation and a Company of Nations       
       God’s Awesome Direction Unfolds
14. God’s Promises and the Messianic Dilemma       
       The Conditional and Unconditional Kings
15. Redemption at Work in the Royal Seed
       TheLord Keeps His Promise
16. The King is Coming       
       Amazing Days Ahead—Our Redemptive Future Revealed
Appendix A       
Structuring the Nations (Full "Table of Nations")
Endnotes and Sources Cited Select Bibliography
About this Book

I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did writing it!
For your convienience it can be purchased online at
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If you order please come back and post to let me know your thoughts!
God Bless