Friday, September 10, 2010

A Titanic Mistake by Tim (soundingthealarm on

Many of us have had a hard time articulating how we feel in our hearts about the Florida Pastor who wants to burn the Koran. As I read this I was moved with the love this brother has for the Lord.  I felt his message should be shared because he speaks the truth and helps us to better relate and express what we believers also feel in our hearts during these alarming days of choice.  I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed my wife and I.  I post it just as he wrote it.  Mike

A Titanic Mistake

A Titanic Mistake
The Quran Burning Pastor ....I must confess reflects a carnal side of me

I have Loved My Country, I've loved being an American

...small town born an raised.....right in the heart of America

Grew up going to church ....sunday morning (sunday school and service), sunday night, wednesday night an choir practice night cause my mom was the church pianoist

Grew up when you actually "hauled hay" ...The American flag wasn't something you burned but Held in highest esteem

Sitting in a lawn chair, eating homemade Ice cream and listening to God Bless America during the 4th of July is a vivid childhood memory

playing pool at the local dairy queen with a man who had two hooks for hands lost in WWII and hearing his heart of passion for this country

You'd go the friday night football game and everyone, EVERYONE Placed their hand over their heart....because we were PROUD to Be An American

"God's Country" a phrase I've heard mentioned many times in my 42 years

But as an American, I've watched things tear at the very heart and soul of this place I've called home

Abortion on demand, Same Sex Marriage, Porn becoming a leader in industry, People use to leave the doors unlocked, ADT signs are now everywhere, we've shot our own schools up, we've entertained ourselves til nothing shocks or moves, we let kids play video games that they habitually pracitce killing others...girls wear less clothes on beaches than what use to be called "porn" and all of that has come from within

and because of that.....we've sinned our way to a state where Like in the Days of Jeremiah, Enemies of our very existence ...have come to and inside our borders, some have bought us, and enslaved us with debt

BUT, what infuriates me and causes my flesh to rise is what I have witnessed through the last two WE have been forced to accept in the name of tolerance, the liberties given to the very enemy of this nation...they are allowed to come here and preach their Indignation AGAINST US and cry out for our destruction ...and yet we are scolded no to speak against it or we are accused of "hate speech"

On 9-11-2001, I sat in horror and watched it unfold right before my eyes.....I cried and prayed and was hoping beyond hope that God would take that awful day and turn it into a time of a great awakening

Churches were filled all across the memorial's and vigils were held.....but those given charge over the masses, had NOT a Word from God but rather ...self help, humanistic, self centered sooth-saying messages

Instead of calling men and women everywhere to repent, they chose to extend the outreach of "tolerance" even further

Now a decade later, we have a sympathizer as commander and chief, wolves are truly guarding the chickens.....and enemies who flew planes into our hearts are now building a momument of victory right there at ground zero???? SERIOUSLY??? "Woe unto that Generation" rings in my spirit

These People that desire the death of Jews, Christians and Infidels of all kinds ....demand freedom to worship the god of this world, who has come to steal, to kill and destroy...and we are not only allowing it, we are cozying right upside, appeasing their every wish

Yet at the same time.....those very same people will not allow Anyone outside their Islamic Family to enter into a mosque, they won't allow you near their Mecca ...they will kill you for carrying a bible, they will cut your head off and you tube the scene....

so YES I can relate to that Pastor In Florida when I allow mySELF to think on such things

BUT That could be a TITANIC MISTAKE, if I allow that to blind me from God's greater truth, This is NOT MY HOME

I'm looking for a city who's Maker and Builder is the Lord

and all those who have come to kill, to steal and destroy in allah's name are not my enemy, for I wrestle not against flesh n blood (I say that in faith with my teeth gritting "ok Lord")

I'm to love those who spitefully use me, to bless those who persecute me and none of that is possible unless we the remnant Church arise in this hour by bowing on our knees in prayer and repentance

The Reason our nation's home were once unlocked, Was Because we Loved and Served a God who sent His Angels Charge over us

The Reason, school violence consisted of a fight here or there and guns were on gunracks in pick up trucks was because WE PRAYED IN SCHOOL and one better than that ...WE Prayed in CHURCH

The Reason neighbors helped neighbor's "put up hay" or help fix their car, was because they prayed beside their neighbor in a pew on Sunday


The Bible makes it clear, this world isn't going to be getting any better....Love will wax cold, wars and rumors of war, lovers of selves more than lover's of God

it's clear we are living in such a time

But we've been given a charge to "REDEEM the Times for the days are evil"

I liken that charge as one surely given during the sinking of The Titanic

I'm sure at some point the people were having a great time, so in love with the comfort and surroundings of The Titanic....

but once that great and mighty ship had struck the iceberg, and the reality of the destruction that was and had taken place

they didn't have time to mourn the loss of the Titanic....they had to find "a life boat"

I'm sure there were some at work trying to save The Titanic, but I'm sure there came a point where it was "just time to save Lives"

This coming election I will vote, I will also be crying and praying for God to revive this nation SHOULD HE TARRY

However, I believe their's a GREATER URGENCY....our enemy would love us to fight for the here and now and forget what's MOST IMPORTANT

Sometimes Good can be the enemy of God!!

in the midst of soapboxing over the next couple of months leading up to November....ask yourself this question

Am I as passionate in my speech for Christ as I am for this Country?....Am I longing more for this place than a City who's builder and maker is the Lord? (remember Lot's Wife)

again I'm not saying I'm not going to Vote and be passionately rooting for a conservative victory

but I'm talking about Our Perspective

During the sinking of The Titanic, there was a story told of a very rich woman who had brought great amounts of money and jewelry with her on her journey

this same woman, upon realizing the ship was going down.....headed for one of the life boats, but in haste forgot something that was NOW extremely valuable and turned and ran back to her room, she bypassed the safe which held her precious jewelry and money.....she reached for ORANGES that sat in a bowl in her room, something that might now save her life

Her Perspective had greatly changed from just hours before did all those on board that "unsinkable ship"

During this election season...Should the Lord Not come back tonight......(don't assume He's NOT!!!) but if He Should Tarry even a little while longer.....remember everyone is busy running to and fro trying to fight for the life of This pointing them to a more sure salvation!!!! JESUS, Our Lord and KING!!!

Instead of Burning Quran's, may we Burn with Passion and renewed URGENCY to See JESUS LIFTED HIGH