Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Blessings 2010

The Christmas season is upon us and the carols are being sung around the world and throughout the land.  Today I am thankful that here in America we still have the freedom to worship the Lord Jesus with virtually no hindrances.  Unlike many in other lands, we have been truly blessed with this freedom.  My prayers go out to my brothers and sisters in the other lands who have to hide to read a passage of Scripture or pray.  But thanks be to God He always hears the cries of His children.  A silent prayer or a passage memorized can never be taken away from the heart.  In America Christians have yet to be be tried through these fires.  It is altogether possible that they may never be, simply because of the faith of the many faithful today and that of our forefathers who saw to it that the Lord would be the foundation upon which this land would be built. 

It warms my heart when I look back into the past history of the United States.  Even though humanity will never be perfect and many of those who graced the halls of Christianity were never perfect themselves we still have a heritage that we always strive to be what the Lord calls us to be.  In the past, most every family has parents or grandparents who faithfully attended a worship assembly.  The traditions are deep and the faith they fostered still rises warmly in the hearts of us who so treasure the examples of faith that they left for us to follow.  God is so good.  Surely He looks upon the heart and He knows those who are faithfully His. 

During this coming Christmas season may the light of Christ burn brightly in our hearts and may its flame warm the hearts of those we come in contact with.  God's call to His church is obedience.  Listen to Him when He speaks and walk in humble obedience and the Glory of God will suround your life and your heart.  Others too, will see Jesus.  Remember His immortal words, "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself," (John 12:32).

May God richly bless you and yours during this hallowed time of the year!