Friday, August 26, 2011

Christian Persecution in Action Today

 Update: prayer still needed for brother Yousef. Pastor Yousef facing execution

In Iran three pastors have been arrested and and are facing death penalty charges for their faith in Christ. In today's world you do not need to read about the persecution of believers in the early church as your only source. 

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani was just re-sentenced to face "death by hanging" if he does not recant his faith in Christ. If he confessed Islam they will spare his life. Source: Levitt Newsletter Sept 2011

Other pastors arrested include:
Pastor Behrouz Sadegh-Khanjani
Pastor Abdolreza “Matthias” Haghnejad

Please Pray Sincerely for the Lord to miraculously intervene or that He would use their faith as examples to lead others to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ!

There are many other areas where persecution is going on and they all need our prayerful support!!!!

God Bless

Bro. Mike

More info can be found at Voice of the Martyrs