Saturday, April 20, 2013

Letter from Lebanon - Call to Prayer

The photo pictures brothers and sisters in Lebanon praying for the Christians in Lebanon and their nation.

One of the websites I like to read is the A lot of believers from around the globe share stories and comments on various topics concerning the Lord and His soon return. But that is not all, it is also a place to pray for one another. Just recently a Lebanese Christian brother, who who goes by the name Elias Kh, wrote the following plea, asking Christians everywhere to lift the Lebanese brothers and sisters in Christ up in prayer. If you're not from that part of the world you may not be familiar with the culture or having to live a life in fear. The following letter pasted in its entirety and without corrections, will give you some insight into what it is like to live in fear:

Letter From Lebanon  
Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

The situation in Lebanon today is "extreme caution" among the Christian community here.

Believe it or not, everything seems to be calm, like utterly and unbelievably calm like never before. But hey do not be fooled, this is the calm before the storm.

From the recent Boston bombings in the USA, to the bombings of the cathedral in Egypt, to the threats of a nuclear war in Asia and the threats of North Korea.

From the recent news of the slaughter of Christians in Syria, it seems this storm which goes by the name "Christian Slaughtering" is roaring over the borders of Lebanon, and it's echoes can be heard, and it is coming my brothers and sisters, it is coming and heading towards us in Lebanon.

We've heard 10 years or before about some leaked tapes from the Hezbollah command, that they are planning to muslimize Lebanon, and take it over for the muslims, but most of the Christians shrugged it off and said it is not true because they got fooled by the "peaceful" speeches of the Hezbollah command. And some of those Christian parties went as far as to make alliances with Hezbollah. Few are the Christians here who kept their eyes opened, and saw the real threat.

It seems my brothers and sisters, that their goal is to abolish Christian presence in the middle east. It is not the fights and battles that we should be afraid of here, it is the super unbelievable utter calm that is dominating Lebanon at the moment, and this calm can sometimes be broken by the Israeli Jets hovering overboard. But before politicians used to go on TV, they used to make statements, they used to do all sorts of things. But this calm is making me and many Christians afraid at the moment.

We are afraid, we don't want to go to America, due to the unrest there, and those FEMA camps that are being set up for us. We don't want to go to Europe or anywhere else because it is not safe for us anymore. Nowhere is safe for us excepts in the hands of Jesus Christ.

We are very afraid my brothers and sisters, but don't get me wrong. If it is my duty to die for Jesus Christ, then i will do so gladly to honor the name of Jesus Christ.

If you have noticed, almost all the arab nations have went into a state of war, except for Lebanon, and this is not good. I can sense the storm that is coming soon for Lebanon. And when this storm comes, the 2 million Christians here will mostly run for their lives, and abandon the Christian faith just to be able to live. Out of those 2 millions I can assure you that there will only be about 100 thousand who will actually stand their ground for their faith, they will defend the Bible and Jesus Christ with all their might, and they will gladly pay their life for the honor and glory of the name of Jesus Christ. Those are the true Christians, because they know their world is not here. It is with the Lord Almighty God and with Jesus Christ. It is in their hands and glory and honor and righteousness and wisdom. They will stand up and defend their faith and the name of Jesus Christ, not because of the things of this world, but to be with Jesus Christ forever, and live in his hands and neverending love.

I assure you brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to stand up for your faith. For you will be rewarded accordingly by God and Jesus Christ, and if it requires your death, then gladly do so, because God will bring his judgement, and justice upon those who persecute his people. And you will be granted Eternal life which this life on earth at the moment is nothing compared to it.

It has started. Mark 13:13 "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."

Pray, and endure! Pray for us, my brothers and sisters, pray for us here in Lebanon to be able to overcome what is coming. To be able to stand our ground and defend our faith and our mighty God and Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing can help us anymore, not even Israel, because they are concerned about their safety at the moment. Not even America can help us anymore. Only the Lord Jesus Christ who is able to help us. Pray for us my fellow born again Christians, and pray for the safety of Lebanon and all the Christians worldwide.

I am joining with Elias and the other Christians in Lebanon in a call to prayer and protection from the enemy. The Bible teaches we are always to lift one another up. Let us not forget our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Lord who daily have to live with fear and danger. God be with them and give them peace.

Bro Mike