Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Discovery of Soft Tissue in Triceratops Horn Prompts Firing of Professor

Recently a University Professor, Mark Armitage, lost his job because he discovered what amounts to proof that Dinosaurs existed s early as a few thousand years ago, not sixty-five million years ago. His discovery brought national attention but now it seems he is paying the price. Charisma reported that he is now following that up with a religious discrimination lawsuit.

It does not surprise me that this type of discovery would incur the ire of the secular scientific community. Anything that backs up the Scripture as a true account of historicaleven scientificevents is sure to be shot down by those who cannot accept biblical facts. They have come up with a theory that it is not really "Soft Tissue" that was found but what is called a "Biofilm," a thin, slimy film of bacteria that adheres to a surface. Supposedly this film copied over time the shape and structure of the dinosaurs tissue cells then was stored for millions of years in the horn. By stating this they hope to prove that Mr. Armitage's discovery is just hype. But is it really?

The Institute of Creation Research published a paper written by Brian Thomas, M.S., titled, Triceratops Horn Soft Tissue Foils 'Biofilm' Explanation* in which three hurdles to the non-believing  explanation are considered:

The first hurdle for the bacterial biofilm story to face is that no known biofilm looks just like bone cells, complete with their thin "filipodia" extensions. Second, wouldn't the supposed bacteria deposit their biofilms on the bone's outer surface even more readily than deep inside the bone? Yet the study authors found no biofilm there. And they described yet a third hurdle when they wrote, "What is also not clear is how such biofilm structures could themselves survive the ravages of time."

My question would have simply been around hurdle three. Which is easier to believe, that a biofilm could survive for a sixty-five million years or dinosaurs are simply just a few thousand years old? Hmmm. I think we know the answer to that!

The God of the Bible is constantly showing Himself to be true. But the unbelieving will continue to resist the Lord because they do not have it in their heart to drop their pride and submit their lives to our amazing Creator. Day after day it is being shown that His signature is placed on all of creation.

God Bless