Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick update

The marketing department will soon be finishing up their work to begin promoting the message of Truth taught from Scripture in this book.  I am excited and I ask for any who will to pray for me. The Lord's grace has been good to us all and a truthful proclamation of the Scripture is what is necessary to see the vibrant working of God unfold in your life.  Here are a few simple principles to hold on too. (All of them Scriptural)

1) Stay faithful to the truth.
2) Trust the Lord when others will not.
3) Do not question the Lords call in your life.
4) Be faithful in obedience.
5) Let your light, His light, shine into the paths of others that they too may have the ability to respond to His precious work.

God is always at work around us and in the faithful. He is structuring events around us that only make sense in the true working out of His will. I cannot stress enough the Christocentric work that God wants to accomplish in us. The second birth is only the beginning of a life that is God infused. If we are to be a people who truly desires to see a great moving of God in our lives then we have to be a people of obedience to His call. That call comes to us and will involve waiting and patience as God structures the events around us creating an environment for the call to be fulfilled. 

Stay faithful as you wait.

God Bless

Bro. Mike