Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Tribute to My Mom this Mothers Day! I Wonder if...?

We Love You Mom!!!
I wonder if mom remembers all those nights we sat together laughing on the couch eating pickles and apples watching the Carol Burnette show, Laugh-in, Hee-Haw and Bob Hope? It gave me comfort.

I wonder if she remembers the time I almost choked on a hotdog? She saved my life

I wonder if she remembers tearing the back seat out of the car the time I locked my brother in the trunk with the car keys? She may have saved his life. I still feel pain in the backend.

Or how about smothering my brother Billy’s head with a towel the time he dropped a lit match in a gallon of gasoline? What a scare! And how funny he looked with a bald head? Hey, mom you were quick—he has no scars!

I wonder if she remembers rushing me to the Emergency Room for stitches the time I stacked bricks three times higher than I was tall, against an old out house—only to have them tumble down on me and my head? Ouch!!! I still have the scar from the incident and fear in my heart from wondering if we would arrive going 90 mph! My mom drive fast? Never!

How about wondering if Danny would ever come home when he went to stay at a friends house? He loved staying in the country. But he always knew where Mom and home was.

I wonder if she remembers the day she made Sloppy Joes for me, my brothers, my sister and our friends? What a tasty lunch!

I wonder if she remembers the time I set the kitchen on fire when Dad asked me to crawl under the house with a torch to thaw the frozen pipes? Water… Quick!!

Smokehouse:? What smokehouse? Two things children should never do… light firecrackers in mattresses just to watch the stuffing fly out. Again, what smokehouse? By the way, that was a pretty Red Fire Truck!

How about the time I had to crawl under the house to drag out a dead Rabid dog the sheriff shot? Yuck! Hey sheriff, use a rifle next time… Shotguns blow holes in water lines and gas lines.

How could I forget when I painfully cried as I confessed to her killing an innocent Cardinal with my BB gun. Never again!

How about learning to drive, in the driveway and then running into the tree? Remember that Dave? Crash!

I wonder if she ever knew how much fun I had when she let me go fishing, hunting, sledding, hiking, camping and most of all—to VBS and church? I still do those things today!! What fun memories.

I wonder if she knows how much fun I and we had as children always knowing no matter what, she would always be there for us?

There are so many more things I could list. I wonder how many she remembers? May Lorri, Dave, Danny, Billy and I, never forget to reminder her always. She made being a child fun.

Growing up, there were two who were always there for me, God and Mom!

Thanks so much Mom! I and we love You so much!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!