Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Continue to Pray!

This week and next will be the toughest for all of the Families in Newtown, especially the parents and grandparents. My heart continually feels their pain. I have two small girls age 9 and 10 and I can tell you I have consistently prayed every night since they were born for God to continually protect them from the evil that we as parents cannot shield them from. But I also know that they are on loan to us from God; His precious gifts to us and just as Mary had to give up her Son our Lord Jesus in death, if it is God's call I too would have to let go. But I do hope that His will does not include that for my wife and I.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that even as I speak the children lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy are in peace with You and already anticipating the reunion of their eternal lives with those of their parents, grandparents and siblings. I pray that through the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit You would bring peace into the lives of those left behind in Newtown. I also pray that the kindness and gifts that are collected and given to the family members will be seen as tokens of love from Your heavenly treasure. This Christmas and the weeks and months, possibly, years to come before Your Second Advent, will find them often in tears as the remembrances of their smiling face, a toy, or something they said comes to mind. Lord, just as You are with them now so You will be there in those times and I pray You will help them to somehow - someway make sense out of this senseless situation. Again, I pray for peace. I also pray these things for the families of the innocent and unsuspecting adults who were taken from this world as well; their families hurt deeply as well because of the loss. May Your grace be poured out in special measure to bring comfort to all. We know that time is fleeting and that one day soon all believers will be reunited in Your presence. For that we are blessed and we find peace. But help us Lord to never take our eyes off of Jesus for it is in Him and through Him alone we have hope!

In Jesus Name, Amen