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Open Letter to Encourage Ukrainian Christians

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ in Crimea and the Ukraine,

Should you get a chance to read this post, please share with all of your Christian friends that Christians from all over the USA are praying for you at this very moment. We know that many are fearful everyday, especially those with children. I wanted to share that Jesus knows exactly what is going on and that there is much strength in numbers (Ec. 4:12). The Bible is very clear that your part of the world will be involved in great conflict in the last days. Crimea, which also was part of ancient Gomer, (see Map - Gomer also spread northward through Ukraine and into Germany) has now passed back into the hands of Russia. Ezekiel 38-39 clearly reveals Gomer as being one of the Russian allies in the upcoming attack on Israel by Russia. (see Russian Invasion-Crimea Ezekiel 38-39) God will turn and crush His enemies in that battle as He hallows His name to the world.

Much has been written about this event so I will  not add to it here--it is not the purpose of the letter. But I do mention it because I know that many are fearful of the future now that the Russian Bear is on the prowl. But as persecution around the world increases the call to make a solid stand in faith becomes ever more serious. Jesus told us that He would never leave us or forsake us (Heb.13:5). He also stated He would be with us until the end of the age (Matt. 28:18-20). I am want to tell you all just like I do my own church, the witness of the Lord to this generation of believers is dependent on the Christians of this generation. In America our rights are being tested everyday as well. Many could soon be arrested or thrown into jail just for standing up for the Holiness that is in Jesus. We are called to be a separate people shining the light of Christ to the dark world. This takes faith; it takes hope; it takes vision and determination. We must stand and fight for our King Jesus just as He stood for us.

What has helped me in my stance is my love for Jesus first and my love for all people because of it. When I share my faith with others I am responsible to maintain that testimony in order for the Lord to be glorified. God works in mighty ways because we trust Him mightily. See Acts 2 - 5 and consider the stance of the early apostles and the deliverance God provided because of their willingness to not only stand but to do as He desired, to fulfill their calling. God has not changed. He still works in mighty ways--He still loosens the chains of prisoners, but we must make sure everyday that we are putting Him first and foremost; that He has the preeminence in our lives, Col. 1:18. When we stand for Jesus He provides and He delivers. this is a promise to all individual families. Do the work of an evangelist and spread the love of Jesus wherever you go. Be obedient and watch the wonder working power of almighty God at work.

We are going to continue to pray for the Lord to make a way known for His name to be glorified and for peace to come to your region. If peace does not come a way of escape. But in all reality, His will being done is the foundation of our prayers. We must be in His will. Should trouble flare up that puts any believers in danger remember to pray and to stand. Things may look like there is no hope but God will come through. God loves His church more than you or I could ever imagine. Please keep the faith. Please continue to fight the good fight and know there are Christians all over watching and praying for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ that are in harms way.

God Bless
Pastor Mike

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