Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recognizing the Battle

The times we live in are turbulent. No one would disagree. They are tough and for many they are overwhelming on many levels. The Christian has been given an arsenal to use in times like these. We have the Scripture, the Words of Jesus, and the Bible's many promises, ....all given to help succor the inner hope and peace that we need to face life each new day. It is this inner place of the soul that we need to feed with the living presence of God. This is the place we can run to when trials of any sort cross our path. 

The Scripture reveals that many times Jesus went off by Himself away from the crowds. Although we are not told, on many of those occasions why, we can surmise it was to commune with the Father. When He was facing the biggest trial of his human life, the crucifixion, He gathered His disciples and He simply said to them, "Sit here while I go and pray over there." Matthew 26:36 (NKJV) Even as the Son of God, He knew there were times when He needed to seek the face of the Father.

Having left us that example, and many others, who are we to say we can face the days trials and the onslaught of principalities and powers without quietly seeking the face of the Father? As a Christian, the weapons of are warfare are many (Eph. 6), but of what good use are they if we are not cognizant of the battle? Think about that for a moment. The only ones who do not prepare for battle are the ones who live as though there is no battle. Yet the Bible is clear that we have an enemy and his desire is to destroy the lives of God's people. Yet many Christians just live by chance each day, and when trial strikes they wonder why God has forsaken them. God never forsakes us, yet we more often than not, do forsake Him. Since trials perfect the believer, in that they temper us to draw more strength from Christ, why not look at them through a different lens. God may simply be trying to get our attention.

The Christian needs strength each day to face the days of bitterness. Recognizing the battle, and pursuing quiet solace with the Lord, are the things that show unto the Lord our dependence upon Him for all things bright and beautiful. The world offers tainted wares that only grow old and less desirous but the mercies of the Lord are new everyday.

Take time today, this week, to meet alone with the Lord. Open your Bible, read, and pray. Let Him take your heart, your life, your family, and all that you have into His care-taking. You will never be sorry you did!

Lord today, I give my family into your arms, and I place every breath they breath at Your feet for safe-keeping. I cannot be around all the time to protect them from danger. But You can. Please accept my honesty and my dependency upon you for this day and for the many to come. Prompt me when I need to be alone with You. Speak to me when I need direction and open my heart to hear your plans and may I be wise enough to say yes, regardless of the world around me. Your love is amazing, and in You alone will I hope.

Through Christ and in Him I pray, Amen.

God Bless you all this blessed day in May!

Bro. Mike